The Tattooed Lady

I’m due for my next tattoo. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit lately and have decided I want  something that expresses my overly obsessive love of books.   I will eventually get my To Kill A Mockingbird tattoo, but I’m still working that one out in my head. And on paper. In my dreams and on the icing of whatever cake I’m decorating. Amazing how people disapprove of the words “To Kill” on a birthday cake.  It has to be exactly right and incorporate everything that I adore about the story and how it makes me feel.  Those in my immediate world know it will either take me till I’m 80 to figure it out, or will end up covering my entire body.  Sorry for the visual burned into your brain right now. It’s going to take awhile to go away. 

In the meantime I’ve thought about getting something like this, however with all my nieces and nephews names as the title of the books.  Yes I am sentimental and a big softy. Deal with it.  


I hope whoever is in this photo doesn’t mind that I borrowed their picture. That they placed on the internet. For the entire world to see.Unprotected and found within two seconds on Google Images.  So in order to cover my ass, I will say the following: Don’t know this person. I didn’t take the picture and I don’t own it or want to.  I have plenty of pictures of rib cages and don’t need any extra. 

I dont’ want the one I get to be  this big. Or on my side.  I’m a chicken and that will hurt. No seriously.  I’ve heard that shit hurts bad. Dude. The aggravation of a tattoo is one thing, but pain and stuff? Yeah. No.  I love the fact that the books have that antique look to them and with the initials or first names of my favorite little people, it will be fantastic.  I will have to constantly remind them that I tattooed their names on my body therefore they are required to love me, take care of me when I’m old and give me all the hugs, kisses, and hearts I want.  As you can tell, I am not above guilt or manipulation of affection from children. 

I have also wanted a pin up girl for the longest time.  Something about them is extremely sexy and when I see another woman with one it just fuels that fire. (The fire to get a pin up girl tattoo, not that other fire. Pervs)  I want my pin up girl to be holding a book, have glasses and wearing a bikini or swimsuit from the 40s.  Perhaps pink and white polka dots. That classic look.   Not because I am sexualizing women who read. Well, ok maybe I’m sexualizing them a little bit, but because I honestly believe that people who read are more attractive than those who don’t.   In an extensive search of the interwebs, it has become apparent that there are very few people who find pin up girls holding books a good idea for a tattoo.  Either that or they have them in rude places and couldn’t get the right camera angle. 

Later kiddos. 

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